Visitor Visa for in-laws, my H1b expiring soon but will surely go for extension

Satya D

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My H1b will be expiring this December. I am helping my in laws apply for Visitor Visa. Considering that my employer will apply for extension in October and my I 140 is applied, when is the right time for them to go for an interview?  Or does my visa status even matter? Is there is a dependency on my status?

If there are chances for them to get only a couple months visa can my uncle who is a citizen in the states be a sponsor for their visa?

We would want them to visit us during October to stay until March. 


Kindly suggest us out of the dilemma.



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They can go for the Interview anytime now. Your status is not material to their visa. I assume they are retired. A simple letter from your uncle stating they intend to visit him for a couple of months later on in the year and stating that he will be responsible for their finances during the trip should suffice. Your Uncle should give his contact details in the letter. Most likely they will not even look at the letter and give them the visa. Stay away from so called visa Agents.

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