AC21 i40 portabaility , SOC Codes Major Groups are different 17-xxxx in Perm to change job to 15-XXXX


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I would like to understand the same or similar job description in the LCA for job portability . I have a valid i140 and my 7th  H1b extended on the i140 with the employer A.

1. If for career progression and supported certifications, is it a possibility to change jobs on different major groups e.g. from 17-XXXX to 15-XXXX. 17 is related to electrical engineers to 15- being software or IT engineers.

2.  If this is not a possibility, then what is the approach of a job change in the current situation. Can I even change job using my existing I-140 form and get a new H1B. Post that initiate a new I-140 from the new employer.

Your inputs are highly valued. Thanks.



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