Job termination while on H1b


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I was currently working on H1B and was laid off from my company as a cost cutting measure that has been going on across multiple company locations. I wasn't informed in advance but was terminated effective immediately on 23rd June 2017. I see that I have a 60 days grace period, according to some news rules. If I find another job immediately, is it possible to transfer my current H1B work visa to my new company?

My current H1B visa was valid till Dec 2017, but not sure if it stays that way once I am terminated.

Also, my wife is working on OPT extension right now (F1 Student status until June 2018), so what are my options right now? Is it possible to go on dependent visa based on my wife's status, if I do not find a suitable job in 60 days? Will it be easier to revert back to H1B status once I have it approved?

Any pointers in this regards would be greatly appreciated.

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A new employer can file an H1 within the 60 day grace period, and you can start working with the receipt notice.

If you don't find a job during that timeframe, changing to an F2 is an option. You can still get an H1 at any time, but you'd have to wait for the approval to start working.

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