It's a slip and fall case


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Hi all,
I am new to this forum. I need some advice at the moment. 

I am from Geneva. I came to Canada a few weeks ago as I had got a great job opportunity here. But I do not think I will be able to join my new company. 
I had been to a local supermarket the other day. There was some construction work going on there. But it was open to the public. I had been there to purchase some items. The floor there was wet and slippery as part of the work going on there. But there wasn’t any sign board indicating the wet floor. I slipped and fell there. There is an injury to the spinal cord and I have been advised by the doctor to take bed rest for at least a month. But it might take even longer to recover. I feel like I am trapped now. 

I will not be able to join my new company and I am afraid if I don’t join, I might lose this job. 
I don’t know what to do in this situation. I am  planning to hire a slip and fall injury lawyer. It was the duty of the shop owners to ensure the safety of their customers. And they had failed to do that. So they should be held liable for their negligence. Since I am not a Canadian citizen, what are the chances of succeeding in the case? Any amount of compensation received will be great at this moment because I am currently unemployed and I do not have any other savings with me. 

But What will I tell my employer? And what can I do in this situation?
I am looking forward for some expert advice in this matter. 

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