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Hi everyone,  

Hoping to get some clarity on my H1B situation and timelines. 

My initial h1b petition was applied by my employer in US and approved in April 2012. However, I never went on H1B until July 2013, instead I extended my  F1 STEM OPT (17 months extension). 

I went on H1B from July 2013 -> till Feb 20, 2014. Then I had to convert to dependent visa (F2) from Feb 2014 -> Oct 2014. But I did not travel out of US during this time. My new employer then again filed for my H1B with approval date of Oct 16, 2014. 

My question is -> considering above dates, what will be my H1B max out date/year? Would this time period when I was on dependent be counted in my 6 year H1B expiry limit? Any replies would be extremely helpful! 

Thank you! 


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