Question Regarding Removal of Conditional GC

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I was denied admission on H1b & application withdrawn ( I -275, I-235 ,I-212 ) at the airport in 2013
In 2015 , I sucessfully attended Immigrant Interview in India & then entered USA on a Iam Conditional GC. As Iam now towards the end of the 2 year conditional GC Period , Iam filing for a Removal Of Conditions (I-751 ) for myself .

My Marriage is joint filing ( i.e in good faith , no issues) .
I have Most of the docs together ( Jointly held , lease , auto insurance , Utility bills) .
Taxes filed together . I have a baby born as well in USA .

While reviewing the I-751 Appln , I found Question 20. 
"Have you ever been arrested, detained, charged, indicted, fined or imprisoned for breaking 
or violating any law...."? how should I answer? do I have to explain anything?

Any Inputs are greatly appreciated.


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