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             Scenario:  I have an MS from a US university and am working on OPT currently . My OPT( STEM 24 extension included) is set to expire Oct 31st this year (2017) and since I haven't been picked in the H1 lottery will have to leave the US workforce. I have applied for a 2nd Masters and already have an admit. Classes begin Jan 2018. Also, my F1 visa from my previous Masters expired June 2015. A couple of questions regarding this scenario.

1.  Is it ok to travel to India in the November Dec time frame and return in Jan before classes start. I understand that I will have to set up a visa interview in India for a new F1 stamping. Is there a high chance that my F1 visa maybe rejected considering that I am going for a 2nd Masters?

2. I believe there is a 60 day grace period given after the OPT ends, to wrap up and leave the US. The 60 day period for me will end around Dec 31st. Is it ok to use this period and then start classes on Jan 9th, because I do believe as an international student one is allowed to enter the US 20 or 30 days before the program starts. Since this period intersects with the 60 day period mentioned above, would it then be legal to stay in the US (Beyond the 60 day period). Hope this isn't too confusing. 

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