H1B to L2 transfer


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I work with an IT service company, and I have been in USA for the last 1 year on H1B visa. My spouse has recently moved here on L1 visa but to a different location. And hence I relocated to the new place.

I am trying to find a new project here and I have only three weeks before my company can push me back to India or expel me. 

1. Assuming that my deadline is 5th of July, how soon should I file for changing my visa from H1 to L2, as a dependent of my spouse?

2. Can we do that of our own through an attorney, or is it mandatory that we do it through my spouse's employer?

3. Should I be resigning from my job before doing that?


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11 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

1. File COS from H1 to L2 tomorrow.

2. You can do that on your own. The spouses employer is not in the picture.

3. You can resign AFTER the receipt is on hand.



Read carefully and follow instructions.

Thanks for the quick response. Couple of follow-up questions:

1. How many days does it usually takes from filing COS to receipt on hand?

2. Am I obligated to inform my employer about the filing?


Please help.

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