Change of Status H1-B to F1


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My Change of Status from H1-B to F-1 was approved on June 5th, with the I-94 start date being July 21st. My employer has given me an end-date of June 28th (as a result of lay-offs). Can I stay on in the US legally after June 28th? In that case, will I be out of status?

Should I request my employer to extend the end-date until July 20th? Or would leaving US for a fresh visa stamp be the right way to go?


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"Fortunately, the Federal Register’s final rule has provided a 60-day grace period for H1B employees who have had their visas revoked or have experienced a layoff. You will have until the end of that period to rectify your situation. If you are not maintaining a valid U.S. visa by the end of those 60 days, then you will be considered “out of status”."

Hence you should be OK to stay.

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