Travel to India while Amendment is in pending status


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I have stamping till Feb 2018. Currently I am working for client A and my project ending on next week. I found another job with Client B and that project starts end of June. My employer said that he has to file Amendment for Client B as its location change. 

My situation is, I have to travel to India for my marriage on first week of August for one month as. I think my Amendment will be in process at that time, when I am in India. 

Can I travel to India while my amendment is in progress? Could you please advise me on this.




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Thanks Rohang for your feedback and quick response.

Thats right I can not delay my trip.  Just few questions around this. 

If I get an RFE  while am in India,  Will my wife H4 stamping (based on my previous I-797)  might also gets impacted as my amendment petition will be pending when she attends for interview (after marriage)? 

Also, just wondering about CP. If luckily my amendment approves while am in India, I still have go for stamping again even I have Valid Visa till Feb 2018.

 And if its approves when am back in US, I have go for stamping again even I have Valid Visa till Feb 2018.

Sorry about the questions. Thanks for understanding my situation. 

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