485 RFE for AC21 - Change in JOB description


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I 140 was approved in 2005 for "Network System Analyst 15-1081" job title, 485 was filed and the company who sponsored is closed in 2010. Currently I have an EAD , changed the job and working as "Web Developer" (This is my current Job title).

RFE is asking me to provide proof that my I 140 job title( i.e., "Network System Analyst 15-1081") and current job title(i.e., Web Developer) are similar?

"Network System Analyst 15-1081" is no longer available,

1. what is the equivalent job title and code?

2. Do i have valid case? Are there any chances of approval?

3. Will my RFE be denied?

Need respond RFE in 50 days. Could you please provide your inputs who has similar experience? Any suggestions please?

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