H4 EAD impact once I140 is withdrawn


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I have changed to a new employer using my approved I140 and that I140 had been active for more than 5 years.Yesterday I have received a withdrawal notice on USCIS site since that old employer have filed for a withdrawal.My spouse's current H4 EAD is valid until 2019.Can she still continue her job or will the H4 EAD will also be invalidated.I thought with the new I140 rule that came in effect on jan 17 this year,we are flexible to move to any employer any number of times until our priority date is current and we maintain H1 status.How will this have an impact on h4ead? can you anyone advise as Iam kind of tensed.


She had I140 approved and still active with her old employer but due to absence of premium processing,we may not even file H4-H1COS as well.Kind of stuck.

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