Need help -- H1B 221g White slip Administrative Processing -- HYD consulate


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Hi everyone,

Attended H1B Visa interview at HYD consulate on May 17th. Went into the consulate at 10 AM slot.

VO - Can you please pass on your LCA and Client letter 

Typing for almost 10 mins .............

VO - Where are you working ?

me  - Working for XXX comapany and XXX location

VO - How long are you working ?

me - Since last one year

VO -  where did you worked previously ?

me - worked at NY in XXX client

VO- What kind of role ?

me -- told my role

Typing for almost 10 mins again ... 

VO - What is your salary ?

me - XXX K

VO - your LCA shows that your salary is $60,000, Why is it less than what you've told me ?

me - $60,000 is the minimum basic wage any H1B employee would get , that's what they have mentioned there .

VO - So, your employer isn't paying you complete amount ?

me - No, he is paying me what I've told. I can show you my pay stubs now.

------- She didn't asked me to take out though ----------

VO - Returned my passport and handed over "221g white slip" and ticked the check box, needs further "administrative processing". No documents requested.


It's been 2 weeks passed by today, Still the status says the same and the case updated last was the same when I've attended my interview ( 17th May) Currently my client permitted to work from home , how long this white slip processing is taking , I'm aware that there is no time frame for admin processing , but need the average time taken for the guys who received white slip.

----> I have one more question here , 

  • No documents asked till date yet. Only LCA and client letter took by the consular. Is there any chance that I can attend the interview again with different consulate by taking an other LCA copy from my employer (may be different country Mexico or Canada) ? ? please suggest  !!!!!


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I feel when VO asked what is your salary normally you have to say what it is in LCA.. I guess you told different ( higher ) than what is in LCA and that triggered your 221 G. The answer to your question I guess is No. Till now I didnot hear anyone going to another interview at another location when their initial interview went into 221G.

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And 221g is issued by HYD consulate, where they need to clarify about me before issuing a Visa. In my understanding each consulate is different right ? and application differs from consulate to consulate. I heard people who have got their visa attending different consulate after their denial itself ... your comments please ?

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12 hours ago, h1usworker said:

One of my colleague went for H1B stamping on Feb 20 in Hyd. He got administrative processing (221G white slip) for client verification. Client verification was completed in 1 month and finally he got the H1B stamped just last week (May end).

Thanks for your reply

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  • 2 weeks later...
20 hours ago, raju.s said:


Just looking at the text you had entered

"VO - So, your employer isn't paying you complete amount ?

me - No, he is paying me what I've told. I can show you my pay stubs now."

---This is the only trigger, I feel



Thanks for the reply, can you please explain why ?

20 hours ago, raju.s said:



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