H1B /H4 Visa - Re-stamping / Drop box eligibility


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Hello All,
I have H1B visa completed 6 years and currently 7th years is running, based on my I -140 approved. I-797 received  extension 3 years.  
Question : My passport visa stamping was expired in Dec 2015 and my wife and daughter passport as well. Currently, my wife and daughter have H4 visa and  went to India to drop their passports in Bangalore drop box location with all necessary documents.They are saying your visa got expired in Dec 2015 ( on the passport) you have to go in person for visa stamping in Chennai. My wife explained to the Dropbox office location representative we have got I-797 and got an H1b extension for 3 more years based on I-140 approved. But still, they are saying your not eligible for drop box only your daughter is eligible. You and your spouse have to go for visa stamping in Chennai for bio-metrics and consulate interview.  
Please clarify we are eligible for Dropbox or  we need to go again consulate interview ( Bio-metric & Consulate interview) ?.
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I-797 Approval is not visa stamp... Your visa stamp should have been expired in last one year for drop box eligibility.  If VISA stamp expired  (not I-797) is expired in Dec 2015. You have to appear for in person interview and possibly finger printing as well.



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