Multiple concurrent EAD filings (L-2 and AOS)


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Hi there,

Quick question for the EAD gurus:

I just filed for Adjustment of Status and I-765 to get the associated EAD.
However, I already have an EAD based on my L-2 visa, and it's the time of the year when I need to renew it.

I have 3 questions:

1) Will this confuse USCIS if I have an AOS-based EAD application, and an L2-based EAD renewal application, filed concurrently?
2) Are there any recommendations on whether to file/not to file the L2-based renewal in my case? My concern is that by the time my AOS is denied (if it is denied), it would be too late to apply for the L2-based EAD renewal and have no gap in employment authorization
3) Can I use an AOS-based EAD if my current status is L2? To be specific, should I exit and re-enter the US as a parolee in order to use the AOS-based EAD (and go through I-9 verification again with my employer)?

Thanks! Any help is appreciated!


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Thank you pontevecchio!

My employer was telling me conflicting things about 1) depending on who I talked to. Looks like I will have multiple valid EADs at the same time.
Just one clarification: what will be my status if I start using the AOS-based EAD? (how is this status called?) Will that status be automatically reflected on my I-94, or is this only tracked internally by USCIS?

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AOS is just lawful stay based on permission by the AG. No status as such except "Awaiting AOS". You can travel on AP and work on the EAD. Once you use your AOS based EAD, you no longer have L2 status though that should not matter. ORDINARILY AOS is very rarely denied for fraud. Expecting denial is weird.

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