H4 Visa Stamp renewal in London


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences and can shed some light as to what to expect.

I am a UK citizen, currently residing in the US on an H4 status. My initial visa was applied and stamped in Hyderabad, India which has now expired. I have a new I797 extension valid till September 2019. I am planning to visit my family who live in London and wanted to know whether I can carry out the process of applying for a new visa stamp in the US Consulate in London, considering my initial visa was issued in India. Or do we have to travel back to the place of application, in this case India?

Not sure how difficult it would be as I have never applied for a renewal and my husband being an Indian citizen would most probably not be allowed to get his in London or so thats what we understand as he would visit on a tourist visa.

Thanks in advance for any advise!

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