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srinivasan T

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Data :



1. I have my L1 Approval notice valid until Aug 2017

I have a valid L1 visa stamped until 2020

2. On L1 Visa I have Stayed for not more than 2 months total in USA

Applied for i-140 and i485 together in Dec 2015, along with EAD, and Advanced Parole ( For My Son, Wife and Me)



3. We got EAD and Parole in Feb 2016, valid until Feb 2017. Me and My son have renewed the EAD in Dec 2106, and we got approved EAD and Parole. ( We didn’t extend the EAD and Parole to my wife)

4. My 1-40 was approved   in March 2017 with after answering an RFE.



5. I was Expecting the GCs in April or MAY ( EB1 was current in Apr and May 2017)



EB1 Dates were retrogressed now:

My Questions are :

1.   Porting the 485

a.   Can I Port my AC 21 from my existing " x " company to " y " company having same ownership , if so what are difficulties, should I be there in USA.

b.   Any RFE come while porting

2.    Extension of L1A

a.   What are chances of L1 extension approved or rejected ( Most of the period of L1 I was in India)

3.   Is it better to extend the L1 or Port EAD? Please let me know the better option

4.   My son is under Child Protection Benefit ( GC ) And He is not eligible to get L2. He has to continue on I485. What are the better options for him, to apply for MS here for the coming Spring ( Jan 2018)



5.   What are the Pros and Cons for those above


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