visitor visa renewal denied in Mauritius for Indian Parents


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My Dad is working in Mauritius as a senior executive and the parent company is India based, both my parents have a valid Mauritius resident permit until Nov 2017.

They have visited me in the USA in the year 2012, now they are planning to visit me again for a couple of months. Their current visit visa is valid until May-2018.

Therefore they made an appointment with US consulate in Port Louis Mauritius in early May 2017 and the visa officer gave 214b refusal document and she mentioned that there is still enough time and that they can get it renewed in India.

My questions

1. if they go to India and go through the visa stamping process sometime in December 2017 what will be their chance on getting stamped?
2. Can they travel on their current valid visa between Dec 2017 and May 2018 and get admitted without any issues because of the 214b rejection in Mauritius?


Please advise me on what we should do so that they can visit me successfully and go back to India.

thank you


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Well their intention is to not travel until Dec 2017 or even Jan 2018, therefore tried to get the renewal done little ahead of time proactively and this happened in Mauritius. The VO also mentioned that since there is enough time they can get it renewed in India and she did not cancel their existing visas.

Since their visas were not cancelled can they travel before May 2018? 

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Yes they have a facially valid B2 Visa that has not been stamped invalid or with cwop, moreover they went in for renewal on may 17 2017 and their b2 was expiring on May 8 2018. I just want to make sure that they will not be hassled at the Port of entry by CBP officer because they have a 214b refusal.

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