Travel while AOS Pending with RFE

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I received RFE for Medical on my 485 on Mar 7. I replied to RFE on Mar 27.

Along with RFE i sent i-94 also.

If i travel i will get new I94. WIll that cause any issues.

My priority Date is Aug 25,2005 India EB3 category.

I have valid EAD and AP.

Can i travel with AP without any issues.


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The so called travel ban never applied to India. Courts have blocked all such experiments. If you have the AOS approved while abroad present your AP and look deliriously happy if he tells you your GC is approved. The chances for approval within the month are up in the AIr. That should not stop you from travelling.

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  • 2 months later...

It took 12 yrs for the date to be current and get RFE on your case. You, me, our neighbors and our friends on roads are quick, fast and furious but uscis is driving a 'general compartment slow moving wagon' which will take a look at ur case only after allotted 87-90 days. I am sure your case will be pending for at least another 6 months.

Congratulations, you and me are still alive and wish you good luck for ur gc.

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