Can Green Card Secondary can apply first for citizenship first


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Hi ,

I got my GC through my employer and wife and kids as dependents. We are eligible for citizenship after 4 years 9 months.

I want to hold off. Can my wife  and son go first for citizenship first? If yes, any concerns that why they are applying first?

 Also after first entry on GC- we all were out of country for almost 3 months. But then in US 99%. Any concerns there?


Appreciate your  input!!





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N-400 application is separate for each applicant so yes they can file at any time (before or after you). You need to list all international travels for last 5 years on N-400 form. There you will list this 3 months trip as well. During interview you may be asked more questions about your trips (why/where etc.) and you can explain as needed. There should not be any concerns regarding eligibility.

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