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appeared for H1B visa interview today and was issued 221G (guess on Technology Alert List). My background is that I did my Masters in Chemistry in 2013 and have been currently working in the US as Computer systems Validation Lead in a pharmaceutical industry. I was asked to submit research papers, publications, professional/research references, along with a questionnaire about university, sponsor, major etc., which in my opinion are not relevant to the job I am currently on H1b. How do I proceed with this? I am working remotely now as I came for a vacation. What are the chances of approvals and how do I submit these docs (do these docs pertain to my Masters? because I did thesis so should I be submitting my thesis?) Or should I apply for H4 and what are the chances of getting H4 at this point? And how long should I wait before I apply for H4? Your reply is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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