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  1. I got an approved eb1 I 140. I have a travel pending in January first week to India. Is it ok to apply for AOS now or wait till I return back from India travel. TIA
  2. SPI

    h1b stamping hyd

    I was very nervous to go for stamping and fortunately it was a smooth process at HYD. went on 7/24/17. only questions asked were where do you work, your salary and designation. ok good . pick up passport.
  3. SPI

    ds 160 question

    ok thanks. I already filled my ds 160. Can I change it
  4. SPI

    ds 160 question

    Thanks in advance. I have 2 H1bs. one primary and the other concurrent h1b. While filling the DS 160 do we need to list all the full time previous employments or do we need to list the last H1b approved ones. because after 5 employers you cant add more employers on ds 160. .DO I need to list my concurrent one or not
  5. SPI

    221G cases in Vancouver in 2017

  6. SPI

    H1b 221G on TAL

    send all the documents and it will get approved. unfortunately little delayed
  7. I got three times 221g in the past last in 2013 and never traveled out of the country. Lawyers saisd possibly Technology alert list. trying to visit India this year. Is it safe to go to mexico/ Canada for stamping or go to India. Any advice sincerely thanked
  8. SPI

    H1B emergency visa appointment

    you talk to your attorney and can try for emergency advance parole
  9. SPI

    Self-Petitioned Green Cards

    Does an award like Kentucky colonel be considered a national award.
  10. SPI

    timing of stamping

    My h1b will expire in october 17 and I am planning to renew my H1b in april. When can I go for stamping with the new h1b
  11. SPI

    H1B stamping multiple jobs

    where did you go fro stamping
  12. SPI

    concurrent H1b stamping

    How was your stamping experience . Hope everything went well