H4-EAD or 6th year on H1-B


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I am currently working on H1-B towards the end of 5th year on 6-year window. My current full-time employer A started my green card process in July 2016 with PWD. Later, they have found few eligible candidates for my position during ad posting, conducted interviews and finally last week they told me that they have found a USC candidate with same skill set as mine. So, they have extended an offer for him and he/she accepted it. So, they are letting me go by end of July, 2017. My 6-year window will be completed on Jun 2018.

So, I need your expert opinion on H4-EAD conversion from my current H1-B. My wife is also on H1-B and had I-140 approved from her employer last year in Aug 2016. 

My question is if I move to H4 through my wife's H1-B and acquire H4-EAD:
1. What will happen to my current H1-B?
2. To get back on H1-B again, do I have to worry about H1 cap?
3. Can I ever come back on H1-B and retain my 1 year from the 6-year window?
4. Is it a better option to move to H4 than losing a valid H1-B?

Thanks in advance!

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