New petition and valid visa stamp, Stamping required?


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Hi All,

My GC processe started in 2010 and I got I140 approved in 2011. I changed company in 2015 and got 3 years of extension (until Jan 4th 2018) based on my approved I140.

My old employer withdrew my GC application in june 2015. My new company started GC process in June 2016.

My new employer filed for my visa extension in Jan 2017 just to be on the safe side if my anew I140 doesnt get approved until Jan 2018. I got extension only for 1 year until Jan 19, 2018.

My qns is now I am travelling to India in July 2017 and I have visa stamped on my passport until Jan 4th 2018 and I have new petition with visa validity until Jan 19th 2018, do I need to go for Visa stamping ? Is it compulsory.

Please advise.


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