Can H4 visa holder be a member of the United States Tennis Association?


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I am on H4 visa for nearly 5 years. I would like to be a member of the USTA, a non profit tennis organization to further the game in this country. The link to the benefits for individual members is -

Apart from the opportunity to play in the USTA leagues, they mention the opportunity to attain a national ranking. I am only looking to play some recreational tennis. But does this benefit make it illegal for me to join USTA?

Would greatly appreciate your thoughts.


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Thank you for responding. I forgot to mention, but some USTA tournaments also offer prize money.  I have taken part in non USTA tournaments without prize money , taking care they do not offer any monetary benefits to winners. So, I am assuming if I join USTA, and then take similar care not to participate in prize money USTA tourneys, it should be fine. Can you also validate my understanding?

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