DADs B2 rejected 4 times - grand daughter undergoing chemo


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My dads Visa was rejected 4 times, I am his only child. My 6 yr daughter just finished chemotherapy because of which we are unable to travel and she misses her grandfather. My dad who was working for the state government never visited foreign countries. He retired but is still consulting with the government and has papers to show his contract. My mom applied and got her visitor visa in 2008. Hers will expire is 2018. My dad was very busy and never applied for visa before 2016.

1st visit in Hyderabad in Jan 2016- my cousin sponsored his travel, he showed houses, farm land and bank deposits along with pics of his very old parents. said he wanted to visit his niece. We were still in India then. rejected

2nd visit in Hyderabad in Aug 2016 - My husband, My daughter and I moved to US in Feb 2016.  My husband sent the sponsorship documents, he is working here on L1 visa and I am not . We also sent a letter from the doctor notes describing my child's illness. we showed about 7000$ and my dad showed deposits worth 40 lakhs , annual income 6 lakhs and other property along with his parents pics. rejected

3rd visit in chennai in nov 2016 - showed the same documents and details as above. Reject. was told to go back to hyderabad office

4th visit in hyd dec 2016 - same documents as above - rejected - he was told to come back if circumstances change.. 

Its been a year and half since we saw my dad,  we really want to see him for a couple months. What do we do?

Q1 - When my moms visa expires should she reapply separately or together with my dad
Q2 - should I wait till i get a job and sponsor him 
Q3 - will he be better off sponsoring himself 
Q4 - if we get our green card will that add to the problem .


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