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Fired days after getting GC. No job for one and half years and no prospects (several interviews) for an old man (55) in non-marketable profession (over supply and little demand). Overqualified for many jobs. I read in this post that for Citizenship at least one year of continuous US residency is required (in addition to 5 year rule). I also plan to stay abroad for 5+ (<6) months every year. 

So if minimum residency is established and apply the next day, what kind of problems if any would be encountered? Is the one year continuous stay rule set in stone (as almost all the requirements are)?  

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Well, I  specialized in GIS & Remote Sensing for environment. Had a good career, accomplished much and was on a roll. I got several interviews (some lasting a day or two) for professional positions with experience. Almost every time there was no response after the interviews.  Something changed. Whenever I contact companies and agencies for contractual opportunities, I never get a response (not even a courtesy reply). Seems like there is a shortage of programmers and application developers (IT) and I will have to change.

Alternatively, the only responses worth any salt are from Seminaries. I do not know how my passion and goals as a missionary will be realized via the Christian Church.

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First use the check list in M-476 to see if you qualify for citizenship. Getting fired and being subject to ageism is not a hindrance to Naturalization. Once you get Citizenship, then you can stay out as you plan. You can stay out for less than 6 months as a GC holder. 6 months to one year of absence COULD result in a rebuttable presumption of abandoning the GC. Absences of more than one year are usually considered abandonment of the GC. I would suggest a discussion with an Immigration firm of your choice as to your Immigration conundrum. I have no clue as to your field except to say surely there must be conferences in your area of expertise and maybe networking is the solution.? Ageism is real. Become a member of AARP. 16 USD yearly for a world of benefits. Anybody over 50 can join.

I take it you are a Christian?

Anyway Best of luck.

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