RFE: I-864 mom's green card

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While applying for my mom's green card, and completing form I-864, just my salary was enough to show the support.

So I sent them proofs of just my salary.

However, by mistake,  I specified my wife's salary, my investments and my house value as well -- additional info which were not needed.

Now I got a RFE asking for proofs of wife's salary, investments and house appraisal.

At this stage,

Is it a good idea to just fine a new I-864 with just my salary and proofs?


(I would really like to avoid sending them the proofs all my investments and house etc as they are completely not necessary for this application.)


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In all matters USCIS send only the minimum necessary documents asked for with no extrapolation. Reply stating that you would like only your own salary considered for the purposes of the I-864 and attach another appropriate I-864. Also state you are not considering any your wifes assets in terms of the financial qualification.

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