Job opportunity abroad - Impact on Citizenship and GC


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I have an opportunity to work outside (>2 years) but I and my husband are currently on GC, and would really appreciate inputs from some legal minds and those who have been in such situation. (Not sure if this or GC is the right forum. Moderator - please feel free to move in the right one)
Current Situation:
1. We got our GC in Sept 2014, and have been a little over 2.5 years on GC.
2. Since then we have traveled t0 various countries and our last visit was to India in Feb 2017.
3. An opportunity from a new company (not my current company) (this new company is traded in US, very well known) in its Middle East office that is likely to be >2 years.
My questions are regarding two issues that are often intermixed (1) Keeping GC legal (2) Naturalization Process. I do understand that for applying for Naturalization (2), GC has to be legal (1). With this context, following are my questions:
On keeping GC legal
1. Since the position is expected to be >1 year, I understand that Re-enrty permit is required. Would the process be same if the stay outside is not just 1-2 years but> 2 years?
2. When is the soonest that a re-entry permit can be applied? Are there any requirements for the same for e.g. continuous "physical" presence of 1 year before filing it?
3. To show residency, can we rent out our house or "access to residence" means that even rentals are not allowed? We do plan to keep bank accounts, credit cards, etc in operation.
4. Is it required to get a letter from the company showing the duration of stay outside the US as currently, it seems that there is no fixed duration (but likely to be 2-3 years).
5. Are there any other piece of information that should be kept in mind (yes, we do plan to file as resident income tax category, keep our bank accounts, credit cards, etc operational to show the intent of NOT ABANDONING our GC)?
Naturalization (Assuming GC stays legal throughout the period we are outside)
1. I believe we need to file N-470 form (preservation of residence for naturalization) as our stay is > 2 years at the time of leaving the US. Can we indeed file for it NOW given that we have no continuous "physical" presence in the US for the last 1 year (because of our visit to India in Feb 2017)? Or the earliest we can do so is in March 2018? What if I have to leave for a new job before that? Risky?
2. Currently, we have around 2.5 years of "continuous" residence in the US. Once we come back on our GC, would the clock reset at 0 or from 2.5 years?
OVERALL, would you advise to pursue this opportunity or given the current environment, play it safe? Thanks a lot for all your help and guidance.
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Renting your house doesn't keep your residence. Residence means that YOUR place of living is in the US.

All trips abroad have to be temporary in nature, with a clear ending date.

A reentry permit can be filed at any time, but having a reentry permit doesn't help if your residence is abroad. It only allows longer temporary absences.

An N470 requires that you have an uninterrupted stay of at least a year in the US on GC.  Since you said tou travelled abroad a lot that likely doesn't work.

As pontevecchio said, discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.

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7 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

It depends on whether you qualify to file N-470 when you take up this job.

Thanks. I had one 13 months straight-stay during my 2.5 years (since GC) where I did not leave the country so probably that would work. I dont think N-470 asks for last 12 month (from date of filing N470) stay after GC but at least 12 months continuous physical presence since getting the GC. My bigger question is that not able to rent the primary residence and having to file resident IT filing (I am not sure if outside US income is taxed at the US rate or there is an exemption) may take out financial incentive out of this opportunity (tax free international country in the new opportunity)

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First find out the N-470 Angle with the lawyer. Next why cannot you rent your house while you are away?

. Check out Foreign Earned Income exclusion along with allowable housing expenses. You will have to involve a CPA working with US expatriates in addition to the Lawyer.  You need to do much more research in to the tax angle. The Foreign company may even have departments dealing with such matters. If this is a firm Offer you should discuss your specific options with the appropriate company department.

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