H1B Stamping in Mexico/Canada AND H4 Visa Stamping in India.


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I work for reputed product company as an IT employee (i.e. No client).  I have got my previous H1B stamped twice from India for same employer.

We got our H1B/H4 extension approved.

My family is planning to visit India in June for summer vacation and H4 is eligible under Dropbox, while I plan to visit Canada or Mexico (preferrably as it's near) for H1B stamping.


1. Should I first get my H1B stamping and then ask for family to get H4 visa through drop box Or other way round ?

2. Is there any risk associcated with such arrangement of getting visa. I plan to submit DS-160 for my family for H4 only after I receive my visa ? Is that good or does not matter.

3. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated on this approach.

Thanks in advance.

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