Fresh F1 VISA to H1 typical I-94 case

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Hi , 


  I got F1 visa on APr 6th ( in India) Travelling to USA on May9th to start my University. Today I recived mail from my employer my H1b is picked for this year.

1.  Should I need to comeback to India for stamping after october 1st?. (or) Can I start working from the October1st with employer with the my I-94(f1 visa)?.

2.I-94 will be given on May10th which is after I filied the H1, so there is no mention of it when I am filing H1, IF I return to India for H1 stamping, If it is 

rejected , will I be able to travel back with F1 status?. My F1 is valid for 5 years.


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