Perm with Emp B and Extn with Emp A.!! 7th year H-1B Extn


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Hi All,

I tried searching for similar cases like mine and didn't find any answers to my questions. 

Can senior members of this forum please advise?  

I'm working for an MNC for the past 4.5 years. My 6th year of H-1B expires on Aug 31, 2017. Now my company is not processing my GC. So, I had my perm filed on Apr 1 by a consulting firm.


1.    If I get my perm approved by Aug 31-  Can I use approved perm from consulting firm and file 7th year H-1b extension with my current employer?


2.    After my perm gets approved, can I file my I140 with consulting firm without moving to their payroll(No H1 transfer, because I don't want to lose fulltime job).


3.    My husband has approved I140 but in order to change my status to H4 -EAD, the current wait time is 6-7 months. Since, I have only 4 months left on H1. What other options or Best option do I have if I want continuity in my job?


Appreciate your answers!


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Thanks for your reply.

I'd like to join once my I40 gets approved with the consulting firm. If I get only my perm approved by aug 31, what will be my options?

Also, without transferring my h1 to consulting firm, can I apply I140 with them? Because, I want to join them once I get my I140. 

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