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Hi ,

I am currently working in L1B and my petition got expired on 11/06/2016 but my i-94 valid through 01/21/2019.  My employer applied extension for my petition and now its in RFE status.  I checked with my company Atroney  and he confirmed i can work till 01/21/2019(i-94 date) even my petition got denied with no international travel .

My question is

1. can i apply H1B through different employer using my I94 validity for change of status even my petition got denied?  

2. can i apply L1A if L1B extension got denied?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Joe,

I am sorry , i applied H1B for 2018 cap. Yesterday, I came to know from my employer its picked and shared the receipt number to check the status in online.

Now my question is my L1B extension is in RFE right now with my current employer, will it create any problem to my H1B approval if my L1B extension got denied but my I-94 is valid as i mentioned earlier?. 

Thanks in advance.


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