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I am applying for my GC in EB2 category, My PERM got approved last month, now i have to apply for I-140 Premium. in order to apply that i had to provide all my exp Letters to my attorney, apart from those attorney has requested me to provide EVLs for past few companies. which is just a customized letter to be signed in old XXX company letter head and sign by some HR/Mgrs. Though i had provided most of them but one of my past XXX employer is no more. so they had requested me to get is signed in plain paper by any of my old colleague who was working with me in XXX & Notarized the copy. 

In Order to Notary in India, they refused to do as they wanted me also to physically present there as it US Immigrant related paper.


I`m not sure if EVLs are requested by USCIS or its specific to attorney requirements, and whether they need all those...etc

My question is that , Can we not apply without EVLs? with just exp letters. is it risky ? also.. in case if i get RFE in I-140, is there any problem or consequences applying H1B extn without it. hoping they are not going to relate both of them.


Pl help me.





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Thanks for reply , my attorney is only asking to get letter notarized from there. I asked them if i get letters here and notrizes by me, but they said No, should be notarized from there itself.. just wanted to understand if there is any law like that or it depends how attorney is going to file all these .

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