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I have a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Texas. I am currently working in the UK in pharmaceutical research. My research has involved health care and mainly obesity, new drug approvals, etc. Am i eligible to apply for a US green card under the NIW program? Or is an US based employment necessary to apply in the NIW category? My current employer is a multinational with HQ in the US.

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it would make more sense to get your quals evaluated against Eb1 rather than NIW, which falls under Eb2..

not knowing your country of birth..EB2 is generally backlogged, and NIW only eliminates the PERM not the long wait lines to 485 filing..

And my personal opinion, being a beneficiary of NIW long while ago... NIW for your situation may be tricky and have to prove that your contribution so far or in the immediate future is focused on the national interest of and beneficial to USA, neither UK nor the world or any gigantic corporation you are working for.

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The medium is the message. Presentation is king. Middle level Officers decide and keywords become important. Having been a beneficiary of the NIW myself, it is not tricky for certain fields. By all means involve a lawyer who will also evaluate EB1 for you and you should know that is a bigger mountain to climb as opposed to NIW. The caliber of your lawyer is paramount along with his track record. Best of luck.

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Thanks all for the info, but if I have to go in for an EB-1, I need to have a job offer- isnt that the basic requirement for this category? Getting a job offer is not an issue, but the sponsorship for an H-1 visa is the hurdle which I am trying to overcome. I have no issues on proving my EB-1 or NIW eligibility. Though a great lawyer would be helpful-  I would like to make my own case.  So if it is NIW even this will be backlogged due to this being EB2 slot?

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