Approved I140 with Valid H1-B visa but staying in India


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Hi Experts,

I saw one of your old topic about getting into US using "Employer A" H1-B visa and switching to "Employer B". I almost got everything what I need but some clarification need before I proceed further. Please help.

1. I am right now in India. I have approved I-140 and also went ahead with H1-B CAP extension and later got visa stamped in my passport via consular processing ( in India). Now I have H1-B visa up to DEC-2018.

2. All these was taken care by employer A and nothing was withdrawn, my current employer don't have any projects in US to send there, but another employer ready to take me in his payroll. Based on your earlier post it looks like I can travel but I am afraid traveling with one employer petition and working for other.. is this legal?. Is it not every employer should file a separate petition for H1-B? 

3. Let say I travel with current visa and started working with employer B - in this case employer B need to start with PERM and rest of it to continue my green card right (permanent residence)? just my priority date get retain.

4. What exactly "Employer B" need to do to get me into US?

Please help in this regard

Thanks in advance

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