I 140 New Rule, New employer! Help pls!!


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 Hello all, can somebody please help me with the following with respect to the I 140 new rule retention policy that was just released a couple of months ago earlier in January 2017. My apologies but I went through the blog but I couldn't specifically find the answers that I'm looking for so I'm typing up everything with patience and I'm really hoping I get a few valid concrete answers here. 

 I am on my 11th year of my H1B and my I 140 has been approved for over five years now. My priority date is in 2012. I have been with the same employer and I'm currently waiting for the priority date to become current. So my question is if I change my employer lets says In the next couple of weeks, the question is

- Would my new employer need to file a new I 140 petition? As I said , the old I 140 petition with my current employer has been approved for over five years now (  they are not going to revoke the approved petition, I have a very good ties with my current employer and they said they're not going to revoke).

 does my new employer need to file a new I 140 approval , in case if my priority date becomes current while I am with my new employer ( new employer H1 extensions approved ) and if you they have to file for the 485 adjustment Petition , can I reuse the same old employers I 40 Or my new employer has to file a new I 140 again?

 I somewhere heard that ,   I 485 status has to be pending for over 180 days  or something. I'm not sure what exactly it is. Please help clarify 


-  In case if my new employer doesn't need to file the I140 again,once my PD becomes current,  can I reuse the same priority date on the old I 140 while I'm employed with new employer even though the job title is different on with my new employer & old I 140 petition filed by my old employer.(  meaning I have two different job titles with my old and new employer)


please help understand!!!

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