Questioning. But no arrest or convinction or fingerprinted - Can it affect my H1B Visa Stamping


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I was called in once for questioning in CA Bay area city by police about one of their ongoing investigation in prostitution case.  I went there and talked to detective / police and talk was casual.  They had their reasons to believe I may have committed crime or participated in solicitation of prostitution. 

At end of serious of Q&A, they told me. I am free to go as I was there for questioning only.  I was not arrested or cited or given ticket or fingerprinted.  Add then they never called me again.  This was more than 12 months ago.

I am on H1B visa and my H1b renewal is approved and I am planning to visit India or Canada for stamping.  Questions that I have area


1. I think I should answer in DS-160  as No in arrest question. Am I right ? that I was never arrested as this was one time casual questioning only.

2.  Can VO while issuing visa know about this questioning and ask me questions. 

Since I have not done anything wrong ever and just participated in questioning, I think I should be OK... But just want to know can this questioning can be a in any records and can affect visa issuance.


Thanks in advance.

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1. The answer is NO to any arrest question. You were helping law enforcement with their enquiries as any good citizen would.

2. It would be a miracle if they had records of your help to law enforcement.

As suggested above, in view of latent hypocrisy inherent here, stay away from any situations in future which may be misconstrued.

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