Urgent :COS H1 - H4 and getting back to H1 Again


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Hi experts,

Me and my wife are working for the same employer and i have a valid H1 till 06/2019 and my wife's H1 valid till 06/2017.Her extension is not filed yet.Pending with the employer.We have a 4 months baby and to take care of our new born my wife wants to take some time-off from work, So we planned to change her H1 status to H4 for few months and get back to H1B again.Below are the questions we have

1. What is the grace period that she can stay without employment/payroll in H1?

2. Since her extension is not filed yet and have valid H1 till 06/2017, What would happen to her H1 after June 2017 and H4 conversion.?

2.1 Can we change her status from H4-H1 and use the same H1 again in future? or will the H1 is revoked by her existing employer after the H4 conversion?

3,Is there any risk involved in Changing the status again back to H1 for my wife?or Will she go through regular H1B cap ?


Thanks in Advance.



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