B1/B2 visa under administrative processing i.e. section 221(g)


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My sister , brother in law , niece(9 years old) and nephew(14 years old) applied for B1/B2 visa at U.S. Embassy & Consulates in India so that they can attend my wedding in U.S. .My sister and brother in law application was approved but my niece and nephew visa applications were rejected on grounds of section 214(b) so we applied again and this time my nephew visa was rejected again on ground of section 214(b) and my niece application is under "administrative processing i.e. section 221(g) , 
Is there anything I can do from my end here to support her application ? 
Should I apply for my nephew visa again ? 
please share your thoughts on this topic. 


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Actually we dropped off the application for my niece for the second time and we received this letter from consulate stating that my niece will have to come with her parents anytime within a 1 year timeframe from before 10 AM for a interview.

Also Do you think we should apply for my nephew visa again with some additional documentation. 

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Actually my nephew is 14 years old , so he went in person for interview along with parents and was rejected for the second time on grounds of section 214(b) but we dropped off the application for my niece for second time as she is 9 years old . Yes its really odd that parents were granted visa ,also the visa is valid for 1 year for them.

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