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I applied for my H1B extension in premium processing and got approval until 2020. Now i am planning to apply for H4 extension as her H4 is getting expired on sep 2017. Also we are planning for a visit to india on may/june 2017. My question is.

1. If i want to apply for H4 extension do i need to apply or just i can go for stamping in chennai when we go to india.

2. Do we need to apply for H4 extension also or just getting a stamp is enough.

Please reply.

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If you go for stamping before you get H4 approval/extended, then the stamping (once you get it from the Consulate) will be valid only until Sept 2017 for your wife. And it will be valid on your H1 until 2020. I am actually surprised why you didn't apply for extending both together.

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