H1B Validity period requested for 4 months


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My H1B extension was filed with requested validity period of 4 months from Oct 2016 to Apr 10 2017(To recapture 6 yr max). Received an RFE for additional docs on Mar 20th 2017(Got time till June to respond) i-140 approved in Nov 2016 hence not used for H1B extension.

Question 1: Can i continue to stay after Apr 10 2017. Since REF is pending will 240 days rule apply?

Question 2: Can USCIS give approval for past dates. Example: On 5th May 2017 can they send approval notice with approval date Apr 10 2017. If yes, will my stay beyond Apr 10 considered "out of status"

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At the time of extension filing i140 was not approved.. Still could have filed for 1 year based on perm approval which is what I was expecting. But company said 1 year can only be requested if Perm was pending for 1 year. 

Can some one share information about what exactly is the rule for 1 year extension based on perm dates. 

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