My Previous Employer is not responding to get an Experience Letter

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Hello Everyone,

My current Employer has started Green Card process. for that my attorney asked to get experience letter from previous employer which is about 2 years experience 8 years ago in India.

My problem is that India office is not responding to my calls and emails, and their US office is not able to help as I was employed in India. After some call now US office is also not able responding now.

My all colleagues are not working with them anymore and they have whole new staff, Everyone, Not even a single person is present there. In that case who can I get experience letter from. I have some colleagues in contact but they are working in different companies.

I do not have pay-stubs but I do have relieving letter I had received when I left that company. that show my position and duration of working with them but no experience on specific technology is mentioned.

How should I fulfill requirement of Experience letter in this case. Please suggest me.

Thank you.


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