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Dear Attorney,

My wife got matched in the residency program at a hospital and currently my wife does have a valid H4-EAD till March 2019 and my H1B I797 is valid till October 2019.  Now we are in a dilemma whether to continue the residency program duration of 3 years i.e. till June 2020 on H4 -EAD or not.

As we keep hearing the news regd USCIS or the new administration is planning to revoke or consider revisions to H4-EAD, we dont know whether to take a risk of continuing on H4-EAD or as the hospital does even sponsor J1.  So to be on safer side , is it better to go with J1 visa.

We heard J1 visas are little tedious and will sponsor on a yearly basis, We are in a dilemma to choose between H4-EAD or J1. Please do suggest whats the best option and your suggestions would be highly appreciated.



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I am an IMG applicant who is going into the match this year. I am on an H4EAD currently and hence planning to pursue my residency with the same visa. But there is a certain program who say they don't sponsor any visa. But ideally, J1 is sponsored by ECFMG which is the Dean's office for the international graduates. The confusion is because that particular program is a highly reputed one and aligns a lot with my future career aspirations. In this case, I have two questions:

1. If I should rank that program which doesn't sponsor any kind of visa given the instability of the H4EAD?

2. If at all EAD discontinues, when should I expect that and will it affect people who already have it?


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1. Do they accept FMG'S in their program and if so are there J1 FMG'S in the program. ?

2. Programs will probably insist on J1 for FMG'S with a small number of programs sponsoring H1.

The J1 will mean a 2 year HRR and it is frankly easier to make contacts during your Residency/ Fellowship and return after a 2 year stint back home after the Fellowship. Hence J1 is fine.

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