H1B transferred, but maximum number of days i can work with current organization legally


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Hi All,

I have got my H1B transferred to another company (received approval) and am currently serving my notice period with my current company. I have a few questions:

1. I'm wondering if it is legal for me to continue working with my current employer now that my H1B is transferred to another employer because, doesn't H1B state that at any point of time i can only work for one employer (the one which holds your H1B)?

2. How many days (as a maximum) can i serve as a notice period with my current employer legally now that the H1B has been successfully transferred to another company?

3. I have notified my intent of exiting the company and have mentioned my last date with the company as 4/4/2017; however the HR team would take a few more days to approve my resignation and i have to settle any dues that i have before they can give me a relieving letter. So while they are processing my resignation, can i work with the other company legally?




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