AC21 vs H1B transfer


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Hi All,

I have H1B and priority date of 2011 under EB2 (No EAD). I currently work for a very reputable US based company which is doing good. I have received an offer from a decent small-midsize company and I really like the work being offered and that's what caught my interest. The salary bump is minimal but I will have a lot of good and meaningful work and lot of visibility.

Now the question:

The lawyer is telling to join them after an AC21 for my H1B transfer. I do not necessarily understand how exactly that works and how it is different from H1B transfer.

Any suggestions for or against it? Is this a risky path? Any inputs that you can give to explain AC21 will also be great. I did google it and to me it sounded like more of an EAD option, which i do not have, so most probably I did not understand the AC21 process.

Thanks for your help



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