H1B stamping with Class A misdemeanor Violation of Protective Order


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I was going through a phase of panic attacks and nervous breakdowns for which I should have got immediate medical help but I delayed it. I was dating an american girl since 3 months prior at the time and this episode caused her to get a restraining order against me for excessive texting. In my unhealthy state I ended up violating it three times (1 intentional, 2 unintentional) unluckily since we work at the same premises. None of the violations had any physical violence or abusive communication, they were basically violations for being within a certain distance to her, we never talked during any of these instances.

Long story short I was arrested 03/2016 and charged for 3 counts of violating a protection order (Class A misdemeanor in the state of IN) and posted a bail of $2500 the same day. I immediately sought help from a therapist and friends and thankfully got better. My attorney was able to negotiate a pre-trial diversion agreement with the prosecutor through which the charges will be dismissed if I have no further issues till 11/2017 and do some community service hours. But the arrest and charges will probably show up on record checks.

I ended up returning to india in 10/16 and I am now filing in premium for H1B through a new employer. Assuming I get an approval by end of 04/17, I will qualify for dropbox but most likely will get called in for physical interview since I will check 'YES' on DS-160 for previous arrests. How likely am I of being rejected at the visa interview and is there anything I can do to improve my chances. 

Please help through ur valuable advice, I'm trying so hard to get through this dark phase of life and get back on the right track.

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