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Hi All,


I am planning to sponsor my parents for visiting  visa. I am a US citizen and been living in us for almost 10 years. My parents are well settled in India and do not have any plans to settle permanently  in united states and thats the reason I do not want to take the immigrant visa approach. I have one brother who is married and leaves with my parents in india. He and his wife both work and are  also well settled.  My dad is self employed and in to business like real estate, collect rents on properties e.t.c Since I am sponsoring my parents and me being  a US citizen, is it going to be challenging to get visitor visa approved? This is the first time they are applying for US tourist  visa. Is there anything that I can do to increase the chances of getting visa approved?like providing any additional documentation? Please help guys...Thank you.

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First of all let them apply on their own after reading the instructions. If you choose send a brief letter stating you are an USC and that your parents will be visiting for say 3 months in an appropriate time depending on where you live and that you will be responsible for their expenses for the trip. No more, No less. Include your full name and address in the letter. You could email them the letter. You can help them fill up the forms . No visa touts or any form of coaching. Let us know the result.

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