Travel to India when i-485 is still pending with USCIS

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I came to US on L1-B VISA in May 2015. My wife traveled to US in August 2015 on L2 VISA. Her VISA is valid till June 2018.

I had a conversion of status from L1-B to L1-A in January 2016. My L1-A has been approved till December 2017. Currently my i-140 and i-485 are filed and pending with USCIS. My wife's i-485 has also been filed with USCIS and it is also currently pending. My wife needs to travel to India on an urgent basis. For me and my wife i-765 and i-131 are already approved and we got the EAD with Advance Parole card as well

Can you please answer the below questions:

Please find our questions below:
1. Should my wife be using her L2 - VISA or EAD with Advance Parole to re-enter US?
2. Will her travel be considered as abandonment of her current i-485 Application?
3. if no to the above question then once she re-enters US, do we need to submit any documents like updated i-94 for i-485 again?

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