India plan in May for 2 weeks but stamping expires in July 2017.Need Help!


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Hi Guys,

          I am planning to travel India for 2 or 3 week vacation in Mid May and return by end of May. My current H1B stamp in passport is going to expire in July 2017.I got new I797 approved till Dec 2019.My POE will be Atlanta.I dnt want to go stamping in current situation,So can i return to US before my passport stamping expires??will be there any issues in POE??Please suggest guys.




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I have the similar situation, travel plan in May for 2 weeks and visa getting expiry on July 31st 2017. Also i recently changed my employer with the visa extension till Dec 2017. Do i need to go for stamping because there is change in employer?

Currently my i94 is showing till July 31st so do they give me the fresh i94 with Dec 2017 during my POE ?


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  My current h1b visa stamping is expiring on July 15th and i have approved i797 till Nov 2019.i went India on May 12th and returned on Jun 4th.No issues at POE.CBP officer just asked when are you going to get new visa and i said soon.I gave new i797 and he gave i94 till nov 2019.So no worries.

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